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    t can not be lost, forget what, and can not forget the truth. Cherish the eyes of people, let love no regrets. There is a fate missed, there is a love called. A song aroused a memory, a cup of tea stained a kind of mood. Everyone’s mind, all cherish a touch of love. Broken down in the search to find, deep in the shallow fans from the departure. Aimlessly to sweet to sad, unforgettable to the precipitation to the wandering, is the lonely poetry line, is the fragrance of the past, is crumpled read. When love has become, to be strong to obsessed. A kind of forget is not can not, and his heart is not willing; a meeting is not beautiful, but the outcome is reluctantly affection. Say each other, it is better to forget the rivers and lakes, who can do so free and easy? How can it be forgotten? How can the memory of the blur easily erase? If the encounter, Mo phase away; if Xiangxi, Mo abandoned; if love, to die. In good faith to give no false, with genuine to cherish their own truth. Some love more want to pull away, but more clear; some people want to forget, but more in the heart. [url=http://www.nikeyeah.com/Nike-Air-Max-Mens.html]Nike Air Max Mens[/url] Love is so, always confusing; happiness is not easy, always people looking for; sweet is not simple, always let the heart fascinated. A heart so that heart throbbing, from the love of ripples; a separate from the destruction of all the beautiful, from the heartbroken pain is breathing. Love to understand only cherish, pain to understand to protect themselves. Love needs to have also need to give up, belong to your heart, do not belong to your will eventually lost. Everyone’s heart has a touch [url=http://www.nikeyeah.com/Nike-Air-Shox-Womens.html]Nike Air Shox Womens[/url] of back, but can not touch; each [url=http://www.nikeyeah.com]Shoes Outlet[/url] person once had a beautiful, lingering but just a memory. Love a person just a moment, forget a person but need a lifetime. Is not unintentional, even if all sorrow, love is sometimes a give up, is another kind of happiness to give; not ruthless, even if desperate, lonely, the tragic buried in their own heart. No regrets, because once loved, once had. As long as you live better than me, anything else, nothing is importan[url=http://www.lightupshoe.sale/]Light Up Shoes[/url]

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